Seeking Power, From Boobquake to Elevatorgate

I am a mere man. I'm also a die-hard feminist to the core. It's one of the main motivators for what I do. Women lack power and privilege in our white male Christian dominated society. So any conscious raising is a very good thing. I could go on and on about this. Now the same atheist women who sexualized themselves in Boobquake and in a sexy skeptic calendar understandably want to raise the issue of sexism with Elevatorgate. Human beings seek power, all of us. So it stands to reason women will use whatever it is to their advantage, one day flaunting their sexuality and the next day by condemning men as sexists for saying they are pretty. Ya gotta love 'em. We are not much different though. We all use what we've got. It's who we are. Men don't usually understand this.