What a Relief it is Not Blogging (Much) in August

I've wondered that if I didn't respond to criticisms of my writings who would do so? Well, now I know. My peeps. You don't even need me. ;-) I am enjoying not having to respond to every delusional person who can quote a Bible passage. This is such a relief that, well, I'm questioning if I ever want to do it again. I've said my piece. I'll never get in the last word. It's been an online conversation, debate, and series of killings ever since the very beginning.

So let me leave you with this: Why would anyone is his or her right mind ever embrace the same religion that was used to imprison, torture, burn, kill, and oppress other human beings simply because they thought differently? That's insane to me. Furthermore, why would any minority accept the religion that was used to oppress them? So my hat is off to Native Americans, who have not done so and who also refused to be enslaved by the European crusaders. I would that others be more like them.