God Must Love Football

Well it’s almost time for football again. So you know what that means another season of watching numerous players point up at the sky after they score or kneel down and bow their head so as to give credit to their god or thank him or whatever. And while I enjoy watching sports I hate watching that and every time I do see it I want to ask those players if they truly think their god helped them catch the ball or run through the tackles? If the answer is yes I would be curious to ask them why they think their god seems to help them on some plays as and not on others? How does their god decide who should catch the ball or break a tackle? Or better yet why does their god care about football at all?

There’s something about watching athletes thank their god for some vain success that magnifies the problem of evil to me and just how much needless suffering exists in the world, which if some god really is up there it obviously chooses to ignore. So if these athletes are actually right and there really is some all-powerful being sticking its nose into their football games or any other sport I would have to say that all that proves is how shallow and ridiculous their god is.

But if this shallow god really cares so deeply about sports I would ask it to at least help my team win. Wait...maybe I just need to start pointing up at the sky?

Written by Zach Dills.