Am I At the Forefront of the Current Atheist Movement in America?

That's what one Christian who comments here said to me in an email:
I was checking out the first chapter of William Lane Craig's latest book, On Guard, and he makes a comment pretty similar to what he said about you. Something to the effect of, "I've seen atheist websites, and some of the most effective websites are from atheists who were trained in apologetics, and later became atheists."

His point was that apologetics won't necessarily help you keep the faith, and also parallels his other comment that he made about not wanting to set you up as "Mr. Anti-apologist."

I think that your website is one of the few atheist websites that really has a rigorous deconstruction of Christian beliefs. I'd find it hard to believe that he didn't at least have you in mind, given your history, when he was talking about "effective atheist" websites.

You can read the passage on his website for free and judge for yourself. I'm beginning to think that what it comes down to is that he thinks he may just be sharpening your ability to criticize Christianity. Furthermore, maybe he thinks it would be a mistake to provide more people with access to your work.

I can understand that. I think, however, that with the New Atheist movement winding down, you're the obvious way to go. I really can't think of anyone else that would be worthwhile to debate besides maybe Stephen Hawking...but...well that's not gonna happen.

If you are in touch with him, then maybe you could point out that you're it. You're at the forefront of the current atheist movement in America. Maybe if he looked at it that way he would be more amenable?

Whether he is correct or not it's kinda encouraging to know he thinks that, even if it's surely an exaggeration. I do dispute that the New Atheist Movement is winding down though. It's just moved into high gear. ;-)