Six Thoughtful Links

Professor Matt McCormick's slides for a lecture on What is Atheism?

Christianity Disproved.

Debunking the Arguments of Fundamentalists by Winston Wu.

Adam Tells God Goodbye.

Farhan Qureshi a former Muslim apologist turned agnostic debates Sami Zaatari, a Muslim, on the problem of evil. Qureshi shows us that Muslims have a bigger problem with suffering than Christians do given the Koran. Notice that Zaatari uses the same old tired "what is evil?" objection that Christians use. Guess what, according to Zaatari only Allah can tell us what is evil, just as Christians say about their own God. Seems like they have different notions of evil themselves. Religious explanations of evil are nullified at this point. Next time a Christian says an atheist can't say what evil is, then reply that according to Muslims neither can they. Laughable.

A self-published book by David Mirsch is out called THE OPEN TOMB: Why and How Jesus Faked His Death and Resurrection. If I understand his thesis correctly I'm sure it won't catch on. The reason I link to it is because I have repeatedly argued that historical evidence is poor evidence. Practically any event in history can be rationally denied, even if that event actually occurred. And since this goes for non-miraculous history, so how much more does it apply to purported miraculous history. If God chose to reveal himself in history, then he chose a very poor medium to do so. Hey, for all we know Mirsch's thesis is a much better explanation of the evidence than that Jesus was resurrected. After all, strange things happen all of the time. We simply cannot reasonably posit a miracle since this is the case.