Peter Boghossian's Challenge to William Lane Craig

If you want to know why I think William Lane Craig is deluded rather than dishonest, as atheists who lack a basic understanding of the deluded mind claim, it's because of this video:

To hear what might be considered a response to Craig, although not intended as such, watch Peter Boghossian's talk at the Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF) National Convention:

Peter sent a challenge to believers along these same lines (via email):
In my talk at the FFRF’s national convention, I briefly noted that feeling states—sensations—do not constitute reliable evidence sufficient to convey warrant. In other words, what you feel about the existence of a divine entity cannot be relied upon to guide you to the truth of whether or not it exists. (William Lane Craig above, for example, calls the feeling he experiences “the witness of the Holy Spirit.”)

There are three main reasons why the feelings you have do not confer warrant upon belief in a supernatural entity: 1) It’s impossible to differentiate a feeling state from a delusion, 2) It’s not possible to connect the feeling state to the alleged phenomenon, and 3) We have the sincere testimony of people who have different feeling states about conflicting matters of fact (Mormons and Evangelical Christians).

If you believe that a feeling state is sufficient to convey warrant upon your belief in the divine, then I’d like to know how you know this.

Peter Boghossian