"The Christian Delusion" Books are Being Shipped Now

My book can be ordered here. Amazon USA is shipping them beginning today. I received mine yesterday from Prometheus Books and it looks like everything I had pictured. The contributors did an excellent job on their chapters. It's sure to debunk Christianity and cause Christian apologists to scramble in defense of their faith.

There are full length chapters in response to the following authors: Paul Copan, Dinesh D'Souza, Richard Weikart, Rodney Stark, Stanley Jaki, Paul Rhodes Eddy and Gregory Boyd. There are others who are responded to in more than just a cursory way: William Lane Craig, Victor Reppert, Michael Murray, Timothy Keller, N.T. Wright, John Hick, Christopher Southgate, C.S. Lewis, J.W. Rogerson, James A. Keller, and C. Michael Patton for starters.

It's sure to help change the religious landscape. Get it now. See what you think. If you're a Christian apologist be the first on your block to try and answer us. If you do well you will get noticed among your peers. The official website can be found here.