Tom Flynn's Review of My Book, "Why I Became an Atheist"

Doubting Christians beginning to doubt will find this book a juggernaut....If you seek an encyclopedic compendium of arguments against almost any imaginable defense of the Christian faith, this is your book....[T]he reader seeking a comprehensive disproof of Christianity as contemporary evangelicals defend it can do little better than to consult this volume. Free Inquiry April/ May 2010


christophermencken said...

Ya done good, John. Seeing this kind of review gives me hope.

feeno said...

Hello Mr. Loftus. Sounds like all is well. Wanted to come by and wish you and yours (G) a happy Easter. And also to your unique and often entertaining followers as well. (But I can only come by for short visits, other wise I start pulling my hair out)

Late, feeno

Lazarus said...


I'm sure that a "short visit" from you is not something to complain about.