Articulett, A Woman, Responds to Talbott and Reppert on Rape

Watch out now boys! Get ready for this smack-down:
I think I can explain to Talbott why rape is wrong very simply. Mr. Talbott, would you like to be raped (--think of prison sex and not porn)? Would you like it if your loved ones or children were raped? Do you want to live in a rapey society where people can be raped without consequences? Or would you rather live in a society where we agree not to rape each other in return for not being raped? I would hope that most males are not fighting the urge to rape left and right.. but for those who are-- it doesn't seem like religion is deterrent (I'm thinking of Catholic priests here).

Civil societies develop laws that punish and imprison those that are prone to inflicting unwanted sex upon others-- but I think if all rapers had to experience rape themselves, then they would find a reason not to rape. I think Talbott is purposefully ignorant if he thinks you need to believe in an invisible sky fairy to conclude that rape is wrong. Theists are so stupid when they try to imagine what an atheist must think or believe. Religion is repeatedly shown to be associated with societal dysfunction (such as rape)-- not lack of belief in sky fairies.

I consider Talbott's articles an attempt to denigrate lack of belief so that he can imagine that belief is good for something. To me, it's nothing more than purposeful ignorance to spread anti-atheist bigotry.

I think we were all "skeptical of skepticism" before we became rationalists. The more I try to muddle my way through Talbott and other self appointed experts on the imaginary-- the more disgusted I am with religion. I'm sure I'm every bit as disgusted as Talbott would be if he heard these arguments coming from a person defending Islam or Scientology or Satanism. What a blow hard.

Religionists are the ultimate relativists-- they just ascribe what they do to the will of god. And the evidence verifies this. Every religionist imagines that people who believe like they do are the most moral of all. They don't agree with each other-- how much more relativistic can you get? Religionists get their morals the same way every one else does-- they just imagine it comes from the invisible universe creator who created the universe just for them!

Talbott disgusts me.