Just Imagine

Imagine how the following stories would differ if Christianity did not exit.  Rewrite them if you'd like and present the changes you think would be likely.

James in elementary school realised that he was attracted to other boys his age. He kept this from his parents who were devout Evangelical Christians since he knew that they believed it a sin and a ticket to Hell.  He wrestled with his sexuality and his parents beliefs for he too assumed the Bible was true and that homosexuality was a a serious sin.

In High School he shared his feelings with another boy who was struggling with exactly the same issue.  They comforted each other. However, the other boy's parents found out and sent him to a private Christian School. James found out later his friend committed suicide.

Eventually, James went off to college where he was exposed to a secular environment and could openly express his sexuality.  But he was forced into deciding whether to lead a double life; one away from home and another at home.  James could not resolve all the issues and required counseling.

John is a good old boy who loves God, Jesus and America.  He believes that his wife, Mary,  should follow Paul's advice and be submissive to his leadership which includes sex when he wants it, his supper promptly, her perfect control of the children, the children's perfect and obedient behaviour.  He is never to be questioned or challenged by Mary or the children. In fact, he has slapped and pushed Mary on several occasions when she forgot to hold her tongue. Child Protective Services have been involved from belt marks on the children. Spare the rod and spoil those children.  

Bill loves football and likes to have a 12 pack for his friends when they come over to watch.   Bill lives in Georgia.  He forgot to get a 12 pack on Saturday because the stores can not sale  Beer on Sundays ( Blue Laws).  Bill knows of a V.F.W. where he can buy a 12 pack out the back door on Sunday for  three times the price. He takes a quick trip to the V.F.W. and as he comes out of the door with his 12 pack he is arrested and taken off to jail by the local sheriff's department. Bill loses his job and eventually his house from lack of work as a result of his stay in jail.

Matthew is a Senator in Washington. He believes in pre-millennialism and rapture. He knows that according to his favourite authors and minister that the temple must be built where the Muslim Mosque stands presently in Jerusalem.    He has voted over the years to supply Israel with 80 nuclear weapons. He now has several issues regarding Palestinian occupation on his agenda. He is smart enough to be diplomatic with his constituents. But he knows in his heart what he must do for the Lord. 

Tommy has Leukemia and can benefit from a bone marrow transplant that includes stem cells.  There has been many advancements but when he is at his clinic for weekly blood tests he sees all the others less fortunate than him because stem cell research is limited.  Apparently is is so because of a erroneous religious beliefs about what is human and that non-viable zygotes are people.  Tommy also knows that his donor went through a painful procedure to produce and give stem cells from his body since they can not be produced presently. Some of Tommy's life long friends have deserted him because of the mention of stem cells.

Fred blew up a Federal building because the government was following Satan.

George blew up an abortion clinic because they kill babies.

Mary had a malformed and brain dead baby because she was raped by her fundamentalist father who repented and convinced her  that abortion was a sin. 

Eight year old Paul shakes in the night because of his visions of Hell. He tries not to masturbate but he can not stop himself. He wishes he was dead.

John Lennon: "Imagine there's no heaven, it's easy if you try..."

Written by Tommy G. Baker