Tommy G. Baker Died But Speaks From the Grave

I sadly learned that a team member here at DC has died. I feel a great sorrow for this since Tommy G. Baker had so much more to share. There are six posts of his that I have yet to release and will do so one at a time this week. So he will speak from the grave. But first I'll share what he told me when I asked him to join DC and also link to his previous posts:

Here is what he said:
Well I am originally from Tennessee I went to school with James and Johnny Sennett from the eighth grade. I later attended Atlanta Christian College ( 79-83) and graduated summa cum laude. I then went to Emory and studied under Hendrikus Boers who is an atheist and then head of the NT department. My focus of my MTS was the historical Jesus. Jurgen Moltmann was there at the time. I felt liberal scholarship was just as dogmatic as conservative. I had written a paper on the problem of the historicity of the resurrection. The professor of Ethics at ACC was Frank Hogg (Hogue) at the time. He had studied Pannenberg at Emmanuel and wanted to discuss the critical aspects in detail.

We met once or twice a week. I decided to use a hypothetical that assuming my research was wrong and there was a resurrection what does that mean if there is no god? We then focused to studying the question of god. We both switched to Georgia State to study philosophy. I found out that my ex-wife was having an affair and left. I became a social worker and never finished my masters.

Sennett is now married to my ex-wife. We continue to be friends and play guitar and discuss theology. I am married and have a 2 year old and a 21 and 17 year old from a former marriage (all sons). After concluding a few years of reading physics I am studying neuroscience and consciousness. I was diagnosed with acute leukemia on 3/17 and have been undergoing chemo and other treatment since. I spent about 6 weeks in the hospital. James visited and I got to debate him a little. On a personal note since we are both his friends, when he visited me in the hospital he really seemed close to concluding his faith with Christianity. He has a fascination with daoism (Taoism) and Theravada Buddhism. He could not offer me any response to atheism.

I will receive a bone marrow transplant on 7/28. I have a 55% chance of survival. So obviously I have had and will have a lot of time to write. What topics of interest would you like for me to cover? Obviously my academics was the historical Jesus. My Greek is rusty since I have not been focused on that area in a while but I pull it out when needed. Physics and consciousness have been areas in which I have been studying to analyse theism, pantheism and panenethiesm. I have very cynical views of the use of philosophy and find it to be an evil necessity. I tend to be pragmatic and empirical with a skeptical view that logic can define actuality and that it seems to reflect more of the brain's response to existence as it objectifies perception into mental symbolic constructs.

Now for the link to his previous entries, right here.