Comment Policy

[Edited 2/20/11]

I'm leaving this post up but I have revised my comment policy. What you'll read below has been superseded by my new comment policy. A few things have been changed.


Here at Debunking Christianity I welcome most anyone to comment on what is written. I like the challenge of educated discussions between educated people. I think educated people can disagree agreeably. Only people not fully exposed to alternative ways of thinking will claim their opponents are stupid merely because they disagree.

This blog is open to comments by anyone interested, provided: (1) the comments are civil in tone, (2) they speak directly to the issues discussed, (3) they are not spam-like sermons, or book length comments; (4) they don't monopolize the discussion or repeatedly offer ignorant off topic comments; and (5) they come from Blogger profiles that are make public. Comments posted by people whose profiles aren't made available are not allowed, sorry (although I might make an exception or two). They are equivalent to anonymous comments which I don't allow either. There are are several trolls and blog terrorists who visit here each week using different names who have already been banned. Some of them purport to be atheists who are not.

I reserve the right to ban anyone who regularly abuses this forum by willfully mischaracterizing what is said in order to belittle others, or by personally attacking any person, including myself. This also goes for ignorant comments. This is not a site for grade school level arguments. First finish High School, take a few college classes and then come back after doing so.

If your comments are not published you only have yourself to blame. You may try again. Consider posting a comment like writing a "Letter to the Editor" for the local newspaper where people who read what you write will know you. Editors of local newspapers do not publish every letter they receive for some of the same reasons I just mentioned. This Blog is an intelligent and friendly place to debate ideas in a mutually respectful environment. For a more detailed comment policy, I also adhere to this one.

Yes I am an atheist, and yes I think Christianity is wrong and needs debunked. But I still like testing my ideas against my former beliefs. Maybe I was wrong to leave Christianity in the first place? Of course, I no more think this than do Christians who participate here to test their own faith. But this is what we're all doing, admit it.

If Christianity is true then Christians should be able to argue that it is. Most likely they will learn to better defend their faith, since I can help them see things they wouldn't have considered before. And that's good, isn't it? So in some sense I'm doing them a favor.

If the Christian faith can withstand the skeptical arguments Christians will be better for it. If they lose their faith, then it wasn't worth having in the first place. Likewise, if what skeptics think is misguided, then show us where we are wrong. Christians will not change our minds by calling us names or demeaning us. In fact, every time they do, it only serves to reinforce why we left the Christian faith in the first place.

I oppose other religious belief systems too, especially militant Islam. I just know more about the Christian faith than the Muslim faith, being an ex-Christian, ex-minister and ex-apologist.

I'm sorry that many Christians may feel personally attacked by virtue of the fact that this Blog even exists. But I have no animosity toward Christian believers as people. In fact, I have close relationships with relatives, friends and neighbors who are Christians.

Reformed believers are assured of their victory, so it seems there should be no reason for them to get excited or upset. Their God is sovereign; he will save whom he wants, he will damn whom he wants. Their arguments, no matter how good, cannot "save" skeptics; only their God can do that. So no soul is in danger. The elect will come to their God, the damned will not.

I will respond to the posts I choose to respond to if I have the time. But please don’t assume that because I didn't respond to a post it means anything at all. I read all of the comments, even those on the archived posts of old.

When it comes to posts I disagree with, don't assume that if I haven’t responded I won’t, or if I don’t respond that I can’t, or if I can’t respond that my opponents are right. There are always people who agree with me who can answer the objections I haven't studied up on sufficiently. No one can claim to be an expert on all of the relevant issues between believers and non-believers.

Other than that, have some fun; learn something from each other, and disagree all you want to here at Debunking Christianity. But if you’re a Christian, be forewarned that your faith may just take a hit.

John W. Loftus