I'll be on Unchained Radio Wednesday.

This Wednesday, on November 8th, from 9-10 AM (Pacific Time) I'll be a guest on Gene Cook's Unchained Radio program. Gene decided to bill it that I'm planning on responding to the Discomfiter, so I expect he'll ask me about him. But I have bigger plans...

Then on Thursday 11/09 9am-10am, Dr. Gene Witmer will discuss the topic, "Christian Presuppositionalism - A General Response." That should be good!


Master Zap said...

I don't know how prepared you are to take on Gene. He has the slipperyness of a dozen used car salesmen, but lacks their honesty.

Ironically, he is smart, yet increadibly dense and unaware as to what he comes off as.

For example, he is using his 'friend' Paul Manata play "teh discomfiter" to make an "atheist parody".... and yet he doesn't realize that the 'parody' only backfires on himself... the quality and "level" of the discomfiter arguments are identical to the quality and level of Genes own arguments, yet he is blind to this.

He also loves to take things out of context (yet complains when it's done to him), and almost always has a 'post mortem' after hanging up on the guest where he spews inanities where the guest (being hung up on) has no way of defending himself.

Don't allow yourself even for a second to go into Genes circular "TAG" dance. His varint of TAG isn't an argument, it's just a sly debate tactic akin to "have you stopped beating your wife yet". If he even beins babbling about "laws of logic", ignore him and keep talking about whatever you wanted to talk about, or press him hard on how he justifies using the bible as his justification, and then ask him how he justifies that. Whatever he answers, ask him how he justifies that. Continue until he grows tired or you win (which you do when he grows tired anyway) ;)