The Loftus-Wood Debate Reviews Have Just Been Posted!

David Wood has just posted both his and my reviews of our debate on evil as featured articles here.
As I read David's review it seems he went beyond merely assessing the debate itself by attempting to answer arguments of mine that he didn't answer that night. I look forward to dealing with these additional arguments of his sometime in the future. For the most part I merely reviewed the arguments that were offered during the debate itself. In neither of our reviews will anyone get a sense of my whole argument as laid out in my opening statement, since I didn't think I needed to repeat it, and David is mainly concentrating on defending his arguments in his review. But for now he has the last word.

For anyone who wants to purchase a copy of the debate itself I have been putting a few on ebay. You can also e-mail me, or contact David to buy it. I can bill you via Paypal. To order through either of us the cost will be $19.95 and we'll pay for 1st Class mail within the US (Otherwise you'll pay the difference).

David and I will also appear next Friday (January 12th) at 8PM ET on The Debate Hour to discuss the ideas involved in our debate.

Other reviewers of our debate will be Richard Carrier, Andrea Weisberger, and Jim Lazarus, as they get a chance. These are all atheists, I know, but any Christian theist who would like to review the debate please contact either David or myself. My friend and Christian philosopher Paul Copan was given a copy of it by David, so I'll let you know if and when he may want to write something up about it. Christian philosopher Victor Reppert may do one as well, but I don't think he has a copy yet.


Anonymous said...

Jesus is the son of the One True God and He is coming to rapture His church very soon. If you wake up tomorrow and millions of people have disappeared from the earth, would you believe in Him then? It seems as though you are very adamant in your stand against Christ right now, but after the rapture occurs you will still have a chance to be saved. When Jesus comes back andyou are left behind, if you are able to connect to the internet, log on and Google Left Behind Letters - they will tell you what to do. I pray that you will reconsider your position before its too late.

Anonymous said...


If you are completely confident in your rapture will you deed all of your worldly possessions to me? I'm sure your dedication would inspire others.

Tommykey said...

Anonymous, if the Rapture does not happen within the next 10 years, then will you admit that Jesus was not the son of God, he did not rise from the dead, and he is never coming back?

Anonymous said...


Given that most Christians, now and throughout history, do not believe in "the Rapture," (a term first used in the 19th Century) is there any necessary connection between Rapture theology and Christological claims?


Interesting reviews. As is often the case, you learn at least as much about the reviewer as you do about that which was reviewed. Hopefully comments will stay at least near the topic from here on out.

Anonymous said...

I only have this to say to all of you contributors:

If you're right, then we all suffer the same fate of death and simply cease to exist. Your efforts and the Christian efforts are meaningless, because there is no afterlife.

However...if we Christians are right, can you afford to be wrong?