I Am Available For Speaking Engagements

I have decided to make myself available for speaking engagements.

Please contact me at johnwloftus@verizon.net to set one up.

If you like what I’ve written on this Blog and/or in my book I'm available to come and give a talk to your freethought organization, or college group.

What subjects am I ready and willing to talk about?

Anything I’ve written substantially about in my book or on this Blog.

Key topics range from the funny to the sublime:

We can have a good laugh as I describe the superstitious nature of the Bible.

Or I can lay out the general lines of my case against Christianity.

I can go through my personal story of how I came to reject Christianity.

Or I can spell out the Outsider Test and defend it from objections.

I could describe what Science has to do with Christianity.

I could debunk Biblical prophecy and authority.

Or I could deal with the problem of evil.

I'm also available for public debates if a church group or campus organization would like to set one up with me, especially on the problem of evil.