Jesus Lives in Texas!

According to many believers Jesus has come back to earth in a man who lives in Texas. See Here. Do Christians really think that if people living in today's scientific world are so gullible to believe this crap that people were different in a superstitious age when it came to the Jesus they worship? If this can happen today, then why are we to think the same thing didn't happen in the 1st century AD? Besides, didn't God supposedly foreknow we would ask such questions as these which would lead us to doubt that the 1st century Jesus was the son of God?


Anonymous said...

As a former Christian im surprised you would even make a statement like that John. The early Christians werent just following some random guy who may very well end up being a Jim Jones, they believed because of the ressurection and of Christ's own wisdom and miracles attributed to him. Now granted of course I cant prove Jesus did the things attributed to him in the New Testament, something happened in the first century which was either miraculous or a remarkable string of flukes (stolen body, phychological visions etc). In either case I think your being simply dishonest in comparing to Jesus. God Bless, Ryan Blood

Joe E. Holman said...

Yes, Jesus does live in texas! And he's the Son of God, you hard-hearted atheist, you!!


No, seriously, this jesus is a fake, but the REAL one lived 2,000 years ago when people believed in all sorts of messiah crap!

:D :D


Reason's Whore said...

He was born again in prison. There's your tax dollars at work for you.

Steve said...

Heh, Ryan you must realize that your statement, "something happened in the first century which was either miraculous or a remarkable string of flukes" does not nearly cover the complete list of possibilities, but rather the two you have been conditioned to accept. Other possibilities exist, such as: The books of the Gospel were not written by eyewitnesses, and were the exaggerated tales written down after 30 to even 100 years after Jesus was supposed to live. (Try an experiment, start a small rumor and see how blown out of proportion it will get over 30 years of being passed around from person to person without a written record). Yet another possibility is that the entire thing was a con job by a new religious sect seeking for preeminence among the people of the time. (And no, just because some of the apostles died for it does not prove that they weren't lying. People have died for friends in many places in history).

These also go without mentioning the fact that the church chose what books of the Bible would be cannon and which ones were not, according to what the church felt was right at the time, and very well this could all be a giant plot of the church. (And who could argue, it happened a long time ago)

The point of this is nobody can honestly say what you said, if they are thinking rationally. Some prominent reasons being: There is no proof that the empty tomb actually exists, and there is no proof that mass hallucinations would have had to happen, for that matter there is no proof of any of the "flukes" that you could mention. The only thing we have is a book that has been passed down through many years claiming to be the word of God, without offering us any proof, and without even being consistent within itself. A prime example: Why would a good and just God cause someone who was doing wrong, or who believed in another god or didn't know what to believe for 80-100 years(a lifetime) to hell for eternity(an infinite number of lifetimes)? It doesn't add up to being just or good.



SocietyVs said...

That dude is a severe 'nut-job' - funny though.

Anonymous said...

Steve said:
but rather the two you have been conditioned to accept. Other possibilities exist, such as: The books of the Gospel were not written by eyewitnesses, and were the exaggerated tales written down after 30 to even 100 years after Jesus was supposed to live.

>> When you read what you wrote do you recognize that it is insulting to suggest that Ryan has been 'conditioned' to accept only those two possibilities? How do you know he hasn't cosidered the possibility you raised? I have considered it but I think the legend hypothesis you suggest cannot be the case based on the evidence for the early dating of the gospels. For one thing, suggesting a POSSIBLE alternate explanation does not mean that you have made a case that it is LIKELY. I mean Jesus could have been abducted by aliens after the crucifiction and revived by supergalactic scientists but there is ZERO evidence. I suggest you deal with historical evidences and build your belief or unbelief based on the actual events. See the link for a discussion of the early dating of the resurrection narrative in 1 Cor. 15 and its significance.

Unregulated Female said...

You know - I loved your post.

WTF? Why are people so ready for something so ridiculous as believing "urban jesus"? I think it's bec people don't know who they are so they MUST look outside themselves for an answer... What do you think?


Anonymous said...

this man is a con artist since when did jesus live in the lap of luxary ? jesus was a simple person .he could have been born in a palace but choose to be a simple person.Never did he promote Fame or Money! my husband and I will pray for these followers to see the light before its to late for their souls this is a very dangerous cult from the devil himself

Anonymous said...

I think with our society being so analytical we overlook what's important. I think the Bible and God is a mystery on purpose. I do like the anonymous girl's post comment about us looking outside ourselves. We need to look inward. We are the temple of God. 1 Corinth. 3:17. He is inside of you, (your spirit) and not in the world. More important than what Jesus looked like and the power of God and all the contradictions of the Bible and which are accurate is LOVE. God is love, and if you know God, you will know yourself. And I believe you cannot know and understand yourself if you are not walking with God. Forget philosophy, forget religion. When you take away the world and are left with just you- who are you. We all focus too much on everybody and everything else to realize most of us are completely lost with no reasoning or guidance in our life. Jesus was a simple man, he was steadfast to his beliefs, and he was simply loved because of his beliefs, yet he was showered with gifts. So do not be quick to speak where Jesus resided or how he dined. We are not given the priviledge of a filmed documentary. Do not be quick to speak of contradictions in the bible either, for it is a powerful word with firm meaning and knowledge. Often times we come into situations with only one point of view. For example my sister came to me crying her husband had done something terrible. Immediately I thought well I'm gonna give him a piece of my mind. Jumping to conclusions without even thinking about his story. Come to find out it was all a big misunderstanding. We often treat God the same way. We pray for things for tomorrow and then cast judgement because we did not receive what we asked for when we thought we should have. I could go on and on about this. The Bible is a great book of knowledge, whether you know it's words or not, it does not replace knowing God, it is simply a guide. Moreover, if you believe Jesus existed as the son of God you should also know that he walked in love because God is love. The bible has never been disproved in 2000 years, in fact many scientists can back it up scientifically. Our naive minds want to know about tomorrow or we wouldn't even bother with our silly computations and what-ifs. Matthew 6:34 Therefore, do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. You can judge God, but if you do not believe in him what's the point? And if you are confused know this- by grace you are saved, and by faith you should walk. The deeper your faith, the closer to God you will become. But God sees your heart and knows you in truth. Faith is believing, not seeing. God does not want our efforts to be religious, he does not want us to replace him with our comfy thoughts and predictions. He simply wants us to live a life of love. Love yourself, love your neighbor, love the people that need it most. We need to stop trying to make God in our image and accept who He is. God Bless You.