The Outsider Test For Faith

[Written by John W. Loftus] Below you'll find a fairly extensive list of links to the Outsider Test for Faith for anyone who wishes to learn about it. You'll see how my defenses of the OTF have been improved with time as I received various criticisms of it. There is a lot to read here.

No wonder I've decided to write a whole book about it!

The book supersedes and supplants everything I've written about it in the links below.

The Outsider Test:

The first time I proposed The Outsider Test.

Christianity Miserably Fails the Outsider Test.

Can Anyone Think Objectively?

The Outsider Test for Faith Visualized.

Watch NBC's Dateline Program: "What Were You Thinking?.

Can a Religion Pass the OTF?

The Outsider Test for Faith is the Antidote to Confirmation Bias

Step Outside the Box and See it far What it is

Don't Be Fooled on April Fool's Day: Take the Outsider Test for Faith.

The Golden Rule: A Parallel Analogy to the Outsider Test for Faith.

The most mature defense of the Outsider Test for Faith is to be found in chapter four of my book The Christian Delusion: Why Faith Fails

Should atheists take the OTF?

What Does it Mean to Take and Pass The OTF?

What is the Outsider's Perspective?.

Definitional Apologetics, Excessive Skepticism, and the OTF.

Confused? How to Decide Which Religion is True..

The Outsider Test is Not Hard to Understand.

The Outsider Test is the Solution to Religious Diversity.

On The Fundamental Objection to the Outsider Test.

The OTF Debate Page.