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Were We Really Christians?:

There is No Doubt I was a Christian.
Well, it Depends.
There Are No Christians!
Some Christians Also Struggle With Serious Doubts.

Are We Angry New Atheists?:

Are We Angry Atheists?
Am I An Angry Atheist? No, I'm Just Mad as Hell and You Might Be Too.

Why Do Christians Believe?:

Why Do Christians Believe?
The Concept of God Solves All Problems.
Christians Often Retreat to What's Merely Possible.
You Can't Argue With Christians.
Control Beliefs...Control
Consider the Obvious
Absence of Evidence and the Evidence of Absence
Christians Are Fearful of Doubting
Christianity Simply Reinvents Itself in Every Generation

Why Don't Agnostics and Atheists Believe?:

Is It Really Because We Have a Hard Heart?
Why I've Adopted My Control Set of Beliefs
Why Skeptics Have an Anti-Supernatural Bias.
Why I Don't Believe the Bible is God's Word
What Would Convince Me Christianity Is True?

What Motivates Us to Debunk Christianity?:

Why Our Focus is on Evangelical Christianity
A Bad Taste.
Why I'm Debunking Christianity
What Motivates Me.
Why I'm Doing What I'm Doing

Atheism, Christianity and Morality:

What Motivates Atheists to be Good People?
The Christian Illusion of Moral Superiority.
Do Christians Have a Superior Foundation for Morality!
Do Christians Have An Ultimate Standard of Morality?
The Evidence and So-Called Objective Morality
What Can Account for Morality?
An Atheistic Ethic