My Book is 11th on a list of 12 books About Christianity.

JB lists it here and writes: "A careful, genuine and honest approach by a former Christian apologist. A must read."

It's also listed 6th on a list of 6 books to test the God-Hypothesis, here. JB says, "This book is especially good for the christian who is having doubts. Loftus was a christian minister for many years and knows theology inside and out. An excellent book."


Anonymous said...

I was curious if there were any ex-Christian skeptics for whom evolution was NOT a major reason for abandoning the faith. I'm curious how big a factor evolution is for unbelief.

Prup (aka Jim Benton) said...

As I said in my own Introduction, as someone who grew up Catholic, evolution wasn't a factor. Catholics entirely accept evolution -- not all of them, but the Church does, and did 50 years ago. I was a (theistic) evolutionist for a good five years before I became an atheist.

Yvette said...

Grats on the book! Just found this blog, love the topic, I too am an ex-Catholic. Good luck!