Ruth A. Tucker's "Walking Away From Faith" Blog.

Dr. Tucker understands what it is to doubt. I recommend her book and her newest Blog to Christians who want to understand ex-Christians like us better.

Here are some minutes from when she spoke at the Freethought Association of West Michigan (I'll be speaking there on June 27th).


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the info, John - I love this lady - very brave!

Anon 1035

Edwardtbabinski said...

Her books, "Walking Away from Faith," and, "God Talk" are both worth suggesting to conservative and moderate Christian web-apologists, since she raises questions in them from a faith standpoint that they can identify with more easily than with views that lay much further from their own.

Maybe we ought to put together a LIST OF BOOKS WRITTEN BY MODERATE CHRISTIANS that conservative Christian web-apologists ought to read?

After all, people are usually influenced more by books whose ideas lay just a little further down the road from where they are at, rather than say, by books whose ideas lay across a cavernous ravine from where they are at.

Edward T. Babinski

Prup (aka Jim Benton) said...

Ed: An excellent idea, but might I suggest it also include some of the better Christian blogs, such as
Chris Tilling's CHRISENDOM
(Make sure you read the 'Worst Theological Invention" Poll and "10 reasons why Baseball is God's game")
The Naked Pastor
(and buy him a beer, somebody)
as starters.

Anonymous said...

I'll look into these suggestions, thanks. As far as books listed goes, I'm open to suggestions. Email me though.