Here's a You Tube video showing us some celebrity atheists. Who says atheists don't contribute to society? Ahhhh, but they're all going to hell, eh? Balderdash!

Thanks to Dan Barker on My Space for the link. If the music is offensive to Christians just turn it way down. There isn't any talking in it.

Cheers. ;-)


Anonymous said...

not sure where you got atheists don't contribute to society from. how you strung that together with the not going to hell part was quite compelling

Harry H. McCall said...

If it were not for the language and concepts of the Greeks (and their myths)the New Testament would not have very little theology.

zilch said...

I didn't know who at least half of these "celebrities" are. Am I woefully uninformed, or am I better off not knowing? I suppose not watching television and not going to the movies renders me ill fit for polite society...

Joe said...

Sadly, for atheists, Albert Einstein can not be counted as one of the celebrity atheists.

Grant it, not a Christian by any means, he was one of the worlds most brilliant thinkers.

He was apparently duped however and is most likely considered a fool by the average atheist who would consider their own conclusion more exhaustive and comprehensive than the great thinker, Albert Einstein.

If we held a trial, with the existence of a God and or Designer of the Universe as the question at hand, and called in Einstein as an expert witness to state his case for the existence of a God or Designer of the Universe, he would be a hard witness to discredit, would he not?

zilch said...

Joe- Einstein equated God with Nature, so he can't really be considered a theist. In any case, no matter how brilliant he was, whatever Einstein thought doesn't prove anything about the existence of God.

While I certainly don't think that Einstein was a fool, I don't necessarily believe everything he said. What counts more than the opinions of people, no matter how wise, is that there is no evidence for the existence of God, and lots of evidence that people make up religions all the time.

Emanuel Goldstein said...

Where was Marx?

And Lenin, and Trotsky, and Stalin, and Mao, and Pol Pot and the Finnish Shooter, etc.

You left out some of the greatest, no THE GREATEST, killers in human history.

You sniveling hypocrites, you know what you wuld do to theists if you got the chance.

Solzhenitsyn detailed it all in the Gulag Archipelago...those murders were BECAUSE of atheism, not communism.

It ain't gonna happen again.

Mark Plus said...


Where was President Bush? That Iranian leader with the difficult name blames American foreign policy towards Islamic countries on American leaders' "atheism." Given how Bush's regime has killed heaps of Muslim creationists, I can understand why Muslims might suspect Bush of not believing in god.

Jamie Steele said...

Mark Plus,

How many people have been killed by Muslims, world wide since 1980?

zilch said...

andrew says:

You sniveling hypocrites, you know what you wuld do to theists if you got the chance.

Of course I can't speak for all sniveling hypocrites, but what I would do, and do do, to theists, when I get the chance, is pretty much the same thing I do to atheists: talk to them, play music with them, cook for them, love them, argue with them, and so forth. What would you do to atheists if you got the chance, andrew?

Jamie Steele said...

Great post, dude. Very well said.

Mark Plus said...

Jamie Steele:

I don't know about Muslim victims in general since 1980, but the Iran-Iraq war in the 1980's (where two Muslim countries fought each other, partly for sectarian reasons) apparently racked up about a million casualties (killed or wounded) overall.

Blaming the violence of 20th Century police states on "atheism" reveals an ignorance of history. When premodern armies conquered a city, the warriors would often slaughter everyone in the city they could find until they couldn't lift their sword-bearing arms from fatigue, even if the warriors believed in some kind of god that forbade murder in other contexts. Ancient armies often even depopulated the areas they conquered. Communist states which did pretty much the same thing could accomplish it more efficiently thanks to industrial age technology, not because "atheism" somehow changed human behavior.

Shygetz said...

Andrew, you left out Hitler, Mehmed Talat, Andrea Yates, Osama bin Laden, Isabella and Ferdinand, Pope Innocent III, and William Stoughton, among many others. What do these mass murderers have in common? They are all believers, and many killed expressly because they thought their God wanted it (all except Talat and perhaps Hitler).

Did people kill because they thought no god wanted it? No; they killed to maintain their power, as all despots do, and were perfectly willing to use religion to their ends when it suited them. For example, see Stalin's persecution of the Russian Orthodox Church, followed by his revival of the Russian Orthodox Church during WWII to engender patriotism, followed by new persecution by Khrushchev after the crisis to consolodate power. If Stalin's primary motive was to crush religion, why did he help revive it during WWII? He wanted power; he used the church when he needed it to hold power, and otherwise persecuted the church as a rival to his power, just like any authoritarian worth the name. If any atheist here endorses authoritarianism, I renounce his or her views--they are abhorrent. However, all Christians, Jews, and Muslims (and most people who believe in a personal diety(s)) endorse authoritarianism.

You sniveling hypocrites, you know what you wuld do to theists if you got the chance.

I wuld teach them to spell. Then my plans for world domination wuld be complete! Mwa-ha-ha-ha!

Seriously, andrew, most people are not as evil as you apparently are. I harbor no desire to harm theists, and it causes me great discomfort to think that the only thing holding you back from mass murder is belief that God is watching you. Seek help before it is too late.

Anonymous said...

I failed to delete the post from Andrew. He's banned from here and knows it. But since he's been answered...

goprairie said...

Anyone claiming Einstein for their side ought to first read up in the issue.
He did not beleive in a diety of any kind nor did he beleive in personal souls. It seems that all that kept him from claiming total atheism was that scientific principle that you cannot prove something does not exist with certainty, tho you can certainly find evidence that points to it being highly unlikely. by nearly all definitions, he counts as atheist, even tho he did not use that word.
Yes, he was brilliant and yes, he made many contributions to science, but he did change his theories over his career as he learned and thought and batted ideas around with peers, and some of his ideas have been disproved since and physics has moved on in another direction in some cases and some of his ideas were abandoned for other theories that have since been abandoned, with new look being to his ideas again. such is the nature of science. an open minded look and a williingness to change based on the results of data and evidence. so I would be willing to bet that his 'religious' veiws were subject to constant examination and revision as well.