William Lane Craig v. Paul Draper Debate

Paul Draper and William Lane Craig’ s debate can be heard here. HT AIGBusted.

Other items of note while listening: there is an interesting site called My Thoughts Are Free, and another one called American Institute for Faith and Culture. From the title of this last site it seems authoritative, but who it is I don't know. He intends to deal one by one with the New Atheists and he has a link to DC. Enjoy.


Anonymous said...

Dear John, I bought your book. It's very clear and smart reasoning. Coming to your chapter about bible prophecies I still have some questions anyhow:
1)Micah 5:1 (OT) apparently predicted Jesus born in Bethleem, and Mathew 2:1 (NT) seems a real fulfilment of this prophecy?
2)Psalms 22:16-18 (OT) seems prophetizing about Jesus crucifiction and play on his garments. Mathew 27:35 and John 20:25 looks like a real fulfilment?
3) Zc 11:12-13(OT) seems really predicting the 30 coins to be used by Juda to buy the field as fulfilled in Mathew 27:1-10?

Thanks for your patience. Enrico