Debunking Christianity is Ranked 13th Among Atheist Sites From More Accurate Polling Numbers

Link. This is updated every week.


Anonymous said...

Granted, this says nothing about the level of content on these sites but I personally like Uneasonable Faith and Daylight Atheism. I'm told that if we were listed with technorati we'd be ranked higher, since the data spits out a N/A, but we're not. I've tried with technorati but there is something about our Blog that won't allow it.

J said...

While definitely more accurate, Adrian's database only has 56 sites. The site to which I contribute (Mississippi Atheists) ranks 43rd. I know I'm a pretty good writer, but we are still very new to the blogging scene.

Anonymous said...

The Problem I have with this one and Hemant Mehta's original is what is being measured.

what is being measured?
How many hits a website has?

Is it relevant that a website accumulates a lot of hits through automated processes?

If it is then the ranking has value, if its not, then its just an exercise in playing with data.

What should be measured about a blog?
How well it does what it purports to do.

If you want to measure the quality of the blog, you have to have it assessed by humans and ranked by humans. To say that a human initiates an automated process therefore the automated process is relevant presumes that in all cases the automated process was initiated by a human.

I still think the methodology of these stats are messed up.

If they want to continue collecting these ranking, they should at least categorize them according to purpose. Some Blogs are scientific, some blogs are heavy in humor, some blogs handle religion as one topic among many, ours is none of these.

Unknown said...

I'm constantly adding new sites as I remember of them or people ask to be added. As I said, it's still a prototype and the rankings can only get more accurate as I improve the system.

Also, as many people have pointed out, this isn't a measure of "quality". It's a system to rank atheist blogs in terms of popularity only. That said, people often find that popularity and quality are quite strongly correlated.

Anonymous said...

Hi Adrian,
would you say the popularity of the windows operating system correlates to its quality?

or are disposable ink pens high quality?