(Edited) TAG: An Informal Debate

Sye of www.proofthatgodexists.com will engage me on the Transcendental Argument from the Existence of God in the accompanying Comments section on my blog, found by clicking here. John has linked in his reply to other DC bloggers' replies to TAG, and does not wish at this time for the debate to continue on this blog, and I will honor his request by moving it to the linked blog above.


Anonymous said...

Darrin, I'm very sorry but this debate has already taken place here at DC, although I know it's new to you. In my opinion this debate will attract many Calvinist flies and I consider Calvinism to be Bullshit.

Calvinists are clearly the most obnoxious believers I have ever encountered. They think God has sovereignly decreed that non-believers are to go to hell from the beginning of time. Since that's the case, many of them think they are within their rights to heap even more abuse upon us.

TAG had been addressed by exbeliever (just look for the TAG or presuppositionalism posts.

Take the debate over to your own blog, please.