Why Do I Regularly Promote My Books?

I must apologize to regular readers of this blog since I promote my books often. It probably annoys a few of you. But I do so just like a mother wants to talk about her new baby. Why not? As you can see from the Blogger Pageviews we're getting 129,000 hits a month (no they're not all from me, either!). And many of these hits are new visitors to DC. So I want them to know about my book, Why I Became an Atheist, which is getting some superior reviews. Likewise for The Christian Delusion, and The End of Christianity.


Anonymous said...

If anyone has a product, website, or book you'd like to promote for a month at a time I'll be selling ad space in the upper right hand corner of this blog. E-mail me if you're interested by first clicking on my name. We'll place a graphic there for people to click on that will take them directly where you want them to go.

Russ said...

Please allow me to weigh in on your regular promotion of your book, "why i became an ATHEIST: a former preacher rejects CHRISTIANITY".

I'm a regular reader of Debunking Christianity and I've read your book. For my money and my intellectual satisfaction your book is an excellent justification of atheism and it is perfectly aligned with the stated mission of your blog. You have every right to be proud of it and to promote it on your blog.

Instead of getting tired of your promoting it, I enjoy hearing how your book is doing. I like seeing other's reviews and comments about it. Please understand that through your book and blog, you've committed yourself to a pursuit that is very important to me, in particular, and many of your other readers, in general. I endorse your efforts; I'd like to see you do well; and, I get a good feeling when you highlight some of your successes.

I like it when you use it as a point of reference to clarify or expand on a topic in a post or its comment thread. Your book is an excellent resource, and it has great chapter notes and bibliography. As I see it its only real drawback is its lack of an index which reduces its utility as a topical reference work. Maybe that can be added to the next edition.

Don't ever stop promoting your work, John, even though the petty snipe at you for doing so. There are many of us out here who recognize and appreciate the value of your work.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Russ, and thanks also for commenting here at DC like you do.