A New Phrase for Your Funk and Wagnalls: "pulling a Loftus."

For future reference, Victor Reppert can first be credited with using this line. ;-)


feeno said...

Any time I hear a grown man quoting from the sound of music, I will think he is "pulling a Loftus"

Best wishes, feeno

Anonymous said...

feeeeenooooo, you mean when I encounter existentialist believers who refuse to be reasoned with? Yes, that too!

Their irrationality reminds me of a song in the “Sound of Music” about Maria, only I think it refers to their faith:

All: How do you solve a problem like Maria
How do you catch a cloud and pin it down
How do you find the word that means Maria
Catherine: A flibbertigibbet
Margaretta & Sophia: A willow the wisp
Berthe: A clown
All: Many a thing you know you’d like to tell her
Many a thing she ought to understand
R. Mother: But how do you make her stay
Berthe: And listen to all you say
Margaretta: How do you keep a wave upon the sand
All: Oh how do you solve a problem like Maria…
How do you hold a moonbeam in your hand

D. A. N. said...

Doesn't "pulling a Loftus" mean the same thing as pulling a (Jim) Baker?

Anonymous said...

Cute, Dan.

Where's your promised detailed review of my book since it was based on that promise that you received a free copy. Wouldn't "pulling a Dan" mean not keeping your promises? ;-)

D. A. N. said...

I fully admit that I owe you a review but the review I want to give is not what you actually may want. I will have to tell the truth and that may hurt your spirit. I will pull a Dan and give you the review as promised just not on your time line.

Anonymous said...

:-) Will it be a detailed review? Good luck with that. YOU can't handle the arguments in my book. LOL

D. A. N. said...


Will it be a detailed review?

I will spend as much time as you spent explaining the title of the book. :p

YOU can't handle the arguments in my book.

You mean other people's arguments? Those all have been refuted many times over. Why would I spend time presenting other people's arguments for the other people's arguments in your book? Seems to be all a waste of time.

Anonymous said...

Dan you are not an honest person. I do not expect you to be honest when you review my book either, but since that's what you agreed to do when requesting a free copy then until you review it you are banned from DC. Stay away. Do not comment any further, liar.

Victor Reppert said...

John: Are you familiar with the Bertrand Russell passage I posted recently, where he called fideistic believers pusillanimous and sniveling?

Anonymous said...

No Vic, but I agree as you'd guess.