Bart Ehrman On if He's Out to "Destroy the Christian Religion"

Ehrman answers this question for the Washington Post. Speaking about the fundamentalist faith in the Bible or in inerrancy he claims:
Throughout most of history most Christian thinkers would have been seen this view as theological nonsense. Or blasphemy. The Bible was never to be an object of faith. God through Christ was. Being a Christian meant believing in Christ, not believing in the Bible. Link
David over at the Unreligious Right Blog says this about Erhman's point:
This is also interesting from the atheist perspective, as atheists often attack Christianity by pointing out the many problems with the Bible. Such a line of argument can be effective with Christians who believe in the primacy of Biblical authority, or Biblical inerrancy, but is less compelling to those who hold more liberal versions of Christianity. Link.
I agree. That's why my focus is about debunking the ideas that Christians have gained from the Bible rather than the Bible itself. Besides, I have reasons for rejecting liberal Christianity as well.