Chris Hallquist's New Book is Available

This book is unique in that it compares the claim that Jesus arose from the dead with other paranormal claims. It's very informative. I heartily recommend it.

Richard Carrier recommends it with these words: “A must-read study of the rise of myths, miracles, and legends, exposing the bulwark of fallacies on which Christian apologetics is now built.”

Check it out: UFOs, Ghosts, and a Rising God: Debunking the Resurrection of Jesus.


Harry H. McCall said...

Damn John:

The Christian apologists can get a break around here!

Who needs the 7 years of Tribulation from the Book of Revelation. Jesus is catching Hell right here at DC!

Anonymous said...

No they can't, Harry. And neither can Jesus.

KMW said...

John, just listened to the podcast of your interview on atheists talk back in May. Loved it. Thanx for your work.