Jephthah (Judges 11)


Unknown said...

That was awesome!! Better than Terminator Salvation that's for sure

Harry H. McCall said...

Is this available for use in children’s Sunday school classes?

I’m sure the Biblically based Southern Baptist could sure use this short video to win souls with.

goprairie said...

There's some crazy stuff in that best seller. In trying to argue for gay marriage this weekend, I reread Leviticus. Did you know having mildew in your house is punishable by death?

Rob said...

Thank Zimbu for these cartoons. How many times in my formerly believing life did I simply gloss right over Judges 11? Seen in the form of this cartoon, it's just horrible! The bronze age is gone for good, and I mean that in both senses of "good."

I posted on Facebook about the "Test for an Adulteress" from Numbers 5:11-31 recently, and I actually had a Christian, in all seriousness, reply that immune systems were hardier back then, and a guilty woman's anxiety would reduce her immunity, thus causing her guilt to be revealed.


This is someone with a B.Sc. in biology!!

Jesusland will go to any length to defend its borders.