An Interview With Loftus: 10 Questions With an Atheist

As an introduction to me read this interview done in May of 2009.


Anonymous said...

Wonderful interview, John. So many things well-said. Also I learned names of more scholars to read and want to check into Jason's book. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Lynn. Jason Long summed up the first part of his book in this book that I recently edited.

stamati anagnostou said...

I really respect your thought and genuine nature that you put forth for everyone to see. It has certainly helped in my journey so far. Keep it up, and who knows how many people will be enlightened with your help!

feeno said...

W'dup Mr. Loftus

I like what you said when you said the following "I do think just as the liberalizing tendencies have changed Christianity down through the centuries, they will continue to do so into the future. As such, fundamentalists will be forced to choose to live in the backwoods with out having much political power".

That's been the greatest problem with the Church,(IMO) We are more concerned with politics than we are the gospel of Jesus Christ. Our nations (USA) morale decline has nothing to do with legislation but the fact that the Churches interests have gone away from meeting the spiritual needs of our nation to thinking we can legislate things like love and forgiveness.

Your right, the "liberalizing" comes from the fact that we as Christians start to compromise our beliefs for the sake of politics. Anytime a strong Christian with a backbone runs for office like Alan Keyes he is "demonized" because he scares the shit out of everybody.

Hope you had fun in 'naw lins.

Dueces, feeno