Dispelling the Original Sin in Eden

Over the last 5 years National Geographic has conducted “The Genographic Project” to establish human origins. They have tested the DNA of approximately 35,000 people and what they have found will have a profound impact, especially on inerrant bible believing Xtians.

Why? The study has shown that ALL males share the same Y chromosome (Male Y chromosome is passed on unchanged from generation to generation), which traces back to a single male – Adam, in the Garden of Eden, 4,000 BC, right? – No, the East Coast of Africa, 50-60,000 BC (let’s call him Alpha Y).

From this extensive, highly documented, and practically indisputable research we can’t help but come to the following conclusions:

No Adam. No Sin. No Savior required. Adam cannot possibly have been the first male on earth – as he has a fixed genealogy dating him at an exact time in history (approx 6,000 years ago). This means God had to do this miraculous intervention against the laws of nature to make a new man out of the dust of the ground – for what reason? To set him up as the fall guy for all of humanity?

Hold that thought. Let’s suppose that is true, that would imply there are two strains of Y chromosome in existence, the one Alpha Male, and one for Adam (so far 35,000 people have been tested--Jew and Gentile--and only Alpha Y has been discovered),we must deduct the following:

1. Adams “Original Sin” would only apply to his offspring - as God was into cursing the lineage (in some cases to a 1000 generations).
2. The Alpha Y lineage therefore was sinless; otherwise God would not have had to manufacture Adam.
3. Even if there was a lot of intermarrying between the two strains, there could still be “sinless” people on the earth today. That being said, if Adam was a divine creation made by the hand of God himself, surely it would have been the Adam Y chromosome that would have dominated to this day.
4. As most all of us have the Alpha Y chromosome, we cannot be Adams descendants and therefore “Original Sin” does not apply to us.
5. No Original Sin, No Saviour required

The other scenarios are even more devastating for Xtianity – if there was NO Adam at all, or that he was just a nobody who could not have had any significant impact on mankind, no matter what he did.

No Adam. No Sin. No Saviour required.

This is the absolute cornerstone of the Xtian faith. The bible says that just as one man, Adam, caused the problem, one man, Jesus, came to fix it up. The whole argument has now gone down the toilet. No intelligent person can deny the facts - How long will the church be able to hold out against this one, as every rationalisation creates a new set of problems to answer.

Here are a couple of links:

National Geographic: The Genographic Project.

ABC TV Australia – Documentary on The Genographic Project.

As a side issue, this discovery rules out the Noah and the Ark story - Noah's family would all have had the Adam Y and therefore everyone in the world today would also have to have the Adam Y. If however, we confine Noah's adventure to a “localised” incident, that didn’t affect the whole world, all Jews, or at least the majority, should have the Adam Y – which is yet to be discovered.

The Garden of Eden myth is becoming like the Spruce Goose, it looks big and real, but it just doesn’t fly.

HT (Hat Tip) The Wise Fool at exchristian.net


Anonymous said...

This is a great article, and over at Quirp, I have a lot of researched articles with links to references that elaborate on this topic. You can find them here "Genesis"

Lauregon said...

"Take the snake, the fruit-tree and the woman from the tableau, and we have no fall, no frowning Judge, no Inferno, no everlasting punishment -- hence no need of a Savior. Thus the bottom falls out of the whole Christian theology." - Elizabeth Cady Stanton.

Glenn Kasper said...

Perhaps original sin manifests itself in the x chromosome. After all the women was the first to be tempted and the first to take a bite of the fruit.

Corky said...

Glenn Kasper said...
Perhaps original sin manifests itself in the x chromosome. After all the women was the first to be tempted and the first to take a bite of the fruit.

Perhaps? Well, perhaps that won't work for two reasons.

1. Jesus would have to have been a woman, "the last Eve" instead of "the last Adam".

2. Mitochondrial DNA dates "Eve" thousands of years before Alpha Y.

"Perhaps" that means Eve existed before Adam? Hmmmm. That's not what the Bible says, is it?