"Holy Relics Batman!" The Spear of Destiny and the Holy Foreskin

Over at God is for Suckers there is an informative post about the spear that supposedly pierced Jesus when on the cross: Allegories Gone Wild – The Shish-Kebab Of Destiny. Isn't this laughable? The religious imagination is rich isn't it? But it's just one of the reasons I reject such fantasy. It gets worse. Did you know there is one piece of the flesh of Jesus still on earth? Can't guess? Take some time. Think circumcision. Yep! Not long ago Ed Babinski wrote about it: Indiana Jones and the Quest for the Holy Foreskin. These relics have healing power you know. Who wants to kiss the Holy Foreskin? Apparently many do. Step right up and get in line. Yeeeeeach! Now if we can just know where it is or if it exists. [Hi Tyro ;-)]


busterggi said...

For those with more interest on the holy foreskin let me recommend 'An Irreverant Curiosity' by Farley.

It covers the history of said relic in a pleasant semi-travelogue manner.