It's Difficult to Comprehend How Poorly Some People Argue

It's not just that we disagree with each other. It's how poorly some people argue for what they think. Some people do not even understand an argument enough to respond to it properly. Therefore I call upon every person who has not already taken a basic critical thinking class to read through this entire entry. Cheers.


Boz said...

great link, thanks bro

Bud said...

Part of the problem is a lot of people - even very intelligent people - fail to realize that critical thinking is a skill one must learn and develop. My friend was a theater major in college, and now has a Master's degree in set design. I can't design and construct a set like he does because I don't have the training. Hell, I don't even know if I should spell it "theater" or "theatre," and I consider myself an intelligent person.

Many have difficulty constructing a logical argument for the same reason: lack of training.

Then there are the William Lane Craigs of the world, whom I think simply have no excuse at all.

Unknown said...

Great link we should all read, reread, pick up again in a month, etc. Thank you, John.

Rob R said...

*deleted and reposted for editing.

I'm always willing to consider that I've committed a fallacy, though it should be noted that applying fallacies is itself a skill.

On examining this and rereading our discussion, I'm not confidant that I committed the Tu Quoque fallacy after all given that what you applied to that was a response to something you said that was not the original problem that was outlined. And I did respond to the original problem which was why God does not answer the prayers of the starving. The answer was not my assesment of your former Christianity (Which I interpret was your application of the To Quoque fallacy) but the insistence that the reason God isn't answering all of these prayers is because he already is dealing with the issue in terms of his rescue operation as a whole which will entail an ultimate resolution to these so called unaswered prayers.