Toby Keith's Remedy For the War on Christmas...Bah, Humbug to Him!

He's a great song writer, but come on now...such ignorance knows no bounds:

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[First posted 12/22/09]


jaybee said...

it's called satire yo

Mike aka MonolithTMA said...

I also took it as satire, especially since it was on Colbert.

Anonymous said...

You mean you guys don't know of his almost ultra-conservative leanings? Sure, he doesn't want a literal war, but he's angry just the same.

Gabe said...

This was NOT satire. Toby Keith is one of those guys who thinks American = religious super-conservative republican. This song contained so much arrogance it was sickening. In reality Toby Keith isn't a "fundamentalist." Hell, during my years as a christian I would have said he's another lukewarm false believer whom Jesus will spew out of his mouth straight into the pits of hell. Afterall, only a child of Satan would write an ungodly song called "I love this bar!"

Anonymous said...

Came across as redneck ignorance, sorry. It seemed like it came from someone who poorly understands our laws, doesn't do much reading, and has little contact with groups of people unlike himself.

Bud said...

Poe's Law comes to mind here.

The fact that this song was on Colbert is the sticking point for me. Is it satire? Seems like it to me, but I can't really say for sure.

I don't keep up with Toby Keith (and I'm not really a fan of Colbert either), but didn't Keith endorse Obama?

Brian_E said...

Count me in as another one that can't figure out Toby Keith. While I suspect he's a christian conservative just like any other country singer, he seems to actually make fun of both sides.

Here's a link to his video American Ride in which he makes fun of pretty much everyone and everything as far as I can tell.

Unknown said...

C'mon... this absolutely HAS to be satire. The fact that Keith has agreed to and performed in the script/production makes it plain to see.

The man has to be fully aware of what he is doing... so assume otherwise is naive.

I don't know TK, nor am I a fan of his. Don't you think you folks are a little quick to judgement based on your assumptions?

Bud said...

KJ - Thanks for your comments. Going on the attack against Toby Keith for making this song only serves to make the freethinker types look as biased as the religious folks. That doesn't help the cause of promoting critical thinking.

I didn't step away from Christianity just so I could trade one prejudice for another. I stepped away after a continued search for the truth. The search for truth, rather than scoring points for "our side," should be what continues to motivate us.

Lee said...

Nicely said Bud, I wholeheartedly agree.