Top Twenty Substantive Posts of Mine in 2009

Here is what I think as I went through the archives. See what you think. It seems as though I lean heavily toward later posts because they are fresh on my mind, but then again maybe it's because I keep getting better and better! Here's the countdown:

20) Fitting the Pieces Together, the Christian Puzzle is Solved!

19) Many Christians Just Do Not Give a Damn That People Die.

18) I Can Prove a Negative Easily. But Who Has the Burden of Proof When it Comes to God? This is a recent post of mine.

17) Another Failed Christian Attempt to Explain Away Suffering: Mary Jo Sharp's Review of the Loftus/Wood Debate. This is a sound trashing.

16) The Argument From Ignorance. This is an argument I've developed.

15) Christianity Has Died Out a Hundred Times Before. So don't go telling me it has survived all the attacks of the skeptics, okay?

14) Chasing Christians Down the Rabbit Hole. Here at DC we do this all of the time.

13) God is an Egotistical Sadistic Monster and I Can Show This With Just a Few Questions. Nuff said.

12) The Most Asinine Christian Arguments. So many and so little space. ;-)

11) An Excerpt From My Book on Child Sacrifice. This one was juicy, enjoy.

10) Sound Familiar Anyone? Any Reformed Epistemologists out there? Then deal with claims to the contrary.

9) Calvinism is Bullshit, and God Wanted me to Say This. Yep, that's what I think.

8) On Richard Dawkins Refusing to Debate William Lane Craig. Since this year I've expressed a desire to debate Dr. Craig I thought this was ironic.

7) Welcome to the New Face of Christianity. This is about Christians hunting witches in Africa. Christians crow about how their faith is growing there. Now let them also crow about what these Christians are doing.

6) Sex with the Virgin Mary. A seminary student told me that this post stopped him dead in his tracks. Any post that does this deserves ranked among the best.

5) The Mind of the Believer and Unanswered Prayer. This whole discussion (with links) is pretty much a slam dunk on prayer.

4) Is it Faith? The Demon, Dream, and Matrix Conjectures. I'm just tired of apologists claiming we all have faith.

3) How to Increase Traffic to Your Blog or Website. This one got a lot of attention even though it didn't have to do with debunking Christianity.

2) What is the Difference Between an Education and Indoctrination. This post made people think and I hope it changes how some Christian colleges teach certain subjects.

1) My Comments At the SBL Today On Bill Maher's Movie Religulous. Being asked to respond to some top notch scholars was truly an honor. I think I did a good job which makes this post number one of the year. I read this paper at the annual meeting of the Society of Biblical Literature.