New Mid-Month Biblioblogger Ranking

And guess which Blog is now ranked 2nd, topping all but one of them? *Cough*. Thanks to all my readers. It means a great deal to know people are interested in what some guy in Indiana has to say.


Unknown said...

You live in Indiana? Congrats. John. I see that you put a tremendous amount of effort into you work and that you have many negative critics (you have an incredible amount of patience). thanks for your efforts.


Piratefish said...

Yay! Kudos to you, this says something about your effort. Now someone will try to redefine biblioblogger so it means only those who blog about the first verse of Gen. 1. :)

Keep up the good work!

James Pate said...

Yeah, I too am interested in what James McGrath has to say. :P

Chuck said...

Congrats John,

I love this blog.

Be well.