Stephen Law on "Playing the Mystery Card"

Critics point out that [you believers] have little in the way of argument for what you believe, there also seems to be powerful evidence against it. If you want, nevertheless, to convince both yourself and others that your beliefs are not nearly as ridiculous as your critics suggest, what can you do? Play the mystery card...” Read his lengthy response.


DM said...
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Hos said...

So has god, in his inscrutableness, created this DM troll to be his personal representative?
While god is above criticism, it seems to me that in this case, just like countless others, has botched the job beyond repair.

Anonymous said...

God prefers to speak through cretins and crazies. Sometimes he gets lucky and finds someone who is both.

Lazarus said...

(note - previously "Andre" - too many of those around)

Thanks for the link, John, I must read more Law.

I have often commented on this very popular strategy followed by Christians - seek to get a proper, responsible concession that we cannot know all things, and then drive a truckload of Jesus into that gap.

jwhendy said...

John, you should really look into IP blocking for DM. I tried to read about blogger's reporting policy, but it seems that a 'layman' is only able to report a whole blog so I didn't hit the submit button as I didn't want it to affect all of DC. As an author, perhaps you could get this person banned from blogger as it's clearly against their policy to publish hate speech.

In other news... thanks for the post. Started the article and it is fantastic.

Ignerant Phool said...

Yeah Andre, there's a lot of Andre's.
I use to go by Andre before, but I took a break from commenting 6 months ago. I saw that you came along using that name so when I started to feel like commenting again I figured I would need to change my username. You could have stuck with it though since I don't post that much anyways, but I do like your new username. Good to see you still around, I've always enjoyed your comments.

So far, I'm loving this post by Stephen law.