Help Get Blogger's Attention with Regard to the Christian Nutcase DM

Just go to Blogger's feedback forum and post something like the following note as often as you can in as many related fields as you can and spread the word for others to do likewise (modify as needed):
The spam filter is a farce. It's an absolute joke.

Here's a link to what you claim isn't supposed to be happening:

Only Blogger can access this link because it's John Loftus's spam box. In in are 365 spam comments since August 26th from the same nutcase named DM. Almost all of them had to be manually marked as spam.

Some of them threaten his life.

It is NOT that much trouble to allow us to block IP addresses. We are adults. I demand the ability to block IP addresses with idiots like these just as newspaper editors have the legal right not to publish a letter to the editor.

John Loftus received over 50 of these spam comments today alone (September 24th)!

We will hound you about this. Individually we are nobody to you but together we will run a campaign about this if you do not do something about it immediately.

What would YOU do if this were you?

I am thoroughly frustrated about this.


LadyAtheist said...

That nutcase has been bothering other atheist blogs too.

Rhacodactylus said...

Oh, hey for some reason it wouldn't let me comment earlier, probably a glitch on my end, anyways, just wanted to say I support you in this, and will be sending that text in.

DM said...

add comment moderation to your BS

you will not have a PUBLIC FORUM

NEW GAME WITH YOU LITTLE F*CKERS - SPEAK N DIE. Come see the latest DM videos for your viewing pleasure!


And the Pope is 100% correct: The Nazis and the atheists both wish to ABOLISH FAITH....


hawking is WRONG

science cannot explain NOTHING!



Aratina Cage said...

50 just today? Ouch! Sorry to hear that, John. I have been very happy with my Gmail spam filter, but it has only rarely let spam through. The people who implemented it for Blogger probably thought it would work just as well for the blogs, but judging from the feedback forums, it isn't working very well.

Maybe it would help if they would give us an estimate of how long they expect it to take before it is just as useful as Gmail's spam filter so it doesn't feel so hopeless with every comment of DM's that gets by.

The other thing to remember about Mabus is that he constantly changes IP addresses, so even having that added protection isn't good enough. And I don't see why someone at Google cannot just manually enter DM into the filtering system instead of waiting for him to percolate up. From what I've seen, his messages all follow a familiar pattern.

GearHedEd said...

Romans 12:19, Dennis.

GearHedEd said...

You're taking the Lord's name in vain.

ismellarat said...

I might have guessed the opposite, but it turns out that he's an enthusiastic supporter of science:

"science cannot explain NOTHING!"

Jeff Eyges said...

I tried, but it wouldn't allow me to post a question.

This is the thing with Google - they a offer a lot of great services for free, but they aren't much into support. If you have a problem, you're largely on your own.

Jeff Eyges said...

John, you may want to consider WordPress. Natively, it has fewer options than Blogger has, but there are numerous plugins that offer a wider range of functionality. The only caveat is that I think, in order to use plugins, you have to host the blog on your own server, or pay a company to do it.

Jeff Eyges said...

I'd also print out all of his messages and send them in a big envelope to the Montreal police. If more bloggers were to do this, they'd be forced to take action.

vjack said...

Blogger's comment system is notoriously bad. This is why most of us who use blogger have switched to alternatives that give us greater control. Intense Debate and Disqus are the main ones. I have been using Intense Debate on three different blogs and have been fairly happy with it.

DM said...

cipher I am going to exterminate you and the police will not save you...

matt the magnificient said...

Oh DM, are you quite sure that Jesus wants you to exterminate people? i thought christians were all about the ten commandments, forgiveness, doing good works, and taking pity on unbelievers, not threatening to kill them. I think you need to pray more and sell crazy less.

Harry said...

Is there any way to get that DM ahole banned from using blogger?

Jeff Eyges said...

Is there any way to get that DM ahole banned from using blogger?

A massive letter-writing campaign to the Montreal police, with attached copies of his comments threatening violence. It's the only way, because Google can't be counted upon - not because they're guardians of free speech, but because their attitude seems to be, "Hey, what do you want for nothing?"

Jeff Eyges said...

John, in the meantime, Vjack is right - you should switch to Disqus or Intense Debate.

mikespeir said...

I've always wondered how re-spelling obscene words with asterisks or underscores makes them any less obscene. Apparently, DM can't quite bring himself to spell out "F-U-C-K-E-R-S" so he spells it a different way: "F-*-C-K-E-R-S." Same thing, slightly different spelling.

ismellarat said...

DM does have a nice link at his profile page, to Discovery News. It led me to this interesting article, on forensic scientists' attempts to flesh out the skulls of our ancestors:

He might be a pretty decent person when he gets well again.

(I take it that feeding trolls is allowed in this one thread. Trolls have to eat, too. :) )

mojo.rhythm said...


You are the reason comment moderation has to be introduced you stupid clown!

For the love of Vishnu can you not keep a civil tongue? Or do you have to keep sending these juvenile retarded comments and piss everyone off?

I seriously think that you are fucked up and insane. Stop posting here mate. For good. And get a life.