I Now Have an Online Shop

To the left is one of the items you can buy. I plan on creating others. If you have some interesting slogans you would like to see on some select merchandise let me know. This is gonna be good. And yes, when you buy an item you proclaim your undying loyal allegiance for this site til you die (okay, okay, that was a bit over the top I'll admit). But you will help advertise this site for me, and I'll receive some needed money when you do.

Just click here.


The Blogger Formerly Known As Lvka said...


the "Deutsche Mark" is yesterday's news! :-)

And since you're a Christian, I highly doubt that you wish your nick to be even _remotely_ related to the Roman worship of the gods of death, the "Dei Mortis". :-)

Unknown said...

john, thankfully i didn't see the mabus spam[it's growing longer and longer but i'm still partial to "boobquake"]

i'd buy a mug w/ boobquake[of course properly attributed to DM] on it in a second. it'd also be rather amusing to support you at his expense.

seriously though, i want a bumper sticker and mug and t-shirt of something from this site other than the name only.

hold a contest for quote of the day/week/month/year/millennia to appear on your merchandise. my guess is you'll get quite alot of brilliant ideas.

this is less than brilliant but i'd wear a "debunking the 10000+ extant christianities, and the one you think of next" t right now[and yes, i went there, that's my quote to noc].