The Debunking Christianity Challenge, Part 2

I've proposed reading one skeptical book a month in 2011 as the Debunking Christianity Challenge. Now I'm going to propose a Part 2. Both of these challenges are designed to help Christians test their faith as outsiders. Here's another way for Christians to take the Outsider Test for Faith. Do this...

First, if you are a conservative Christian (my target audience) then 1) Spend one month visiting and commenting at the Progressive Christianity Board. You will see quite clearly that your brand of Christianity isn't the only one. Try to deal with their arguments while you're at it (Hey, they're not coming from atheists).

Then visit and comment on the following forums for one additional month each:

2) Scientology Forum.
3) Mormon Forum.
4) Islam Forum.
5) Hindu Forum.
6) Orthodox Jewish Forum.

Take note of how these believers argue for their faith. You'll see the denigration of science coupled with special pleading, begging the question, and lots of non-sequiturs. What you'll see is a faith based reasoning which parallels how you argue for you faith. Skeptics, by contrast, argue from a science based reasoning. Perhaps this is never so clear as when you visit and learn from these sites. That's five months (or six if you're a conservative), one month for each site. If you're serious about the basis for your faith then try it. This isn't much of a commitment. No money involved. Do it. Tell us that you will do so, and then report back to share what you've learned.

My claim is you will see quite clearly that the basis for your faith is the same as the basis for each one of these other faiths. You will see why you should abandon it in favor of a science based reasoning.