Quote of the Day, by Albert Nolan

Albert Nolan in his book Jesus Before Christianity:
“To imagine that one can have historical objectivity without a perspective is an illusion. One perspective, however, can be better than another, [but] the only perspective open to us is the one given to us by the historical situation in which we find ourselves. If we cannot achieve an unobstructed view of Jesus from the vantage point of our present circumstances, then we cannot achieve an unobstructed view of him at all.” (p. 4)
In my world miracles do not happen, folks. What world are YOU living in?

Earth to Christians. Earth to Christians. There is a vicious circularity in your appeal to historical evidence. You cannot believe without historical evidence and yet you must approach said evidence from our present day perspective. The only way you can reach your historical conclusions is by assuming what needs to be shown based on your upbringing in a Christian culture and that's it. There can be no other reason why you conclude what you do. If in our world miracles do not happen then they did not happen in first century Palestine either. Q.E.D.