Rapture Madness, Over and Over and Over Again

I've written about Rapture Madness before.

Christians who believe they will be raptured should be concerned about their pets. Enter an organization called Eternal Earth-Bound Pets, USA. For the mere sum of $110.00 these committed atheists will sign a contract promising to personally take care of your pet when you are raptured. The contract is good for 10 years. Apparently they now have 100 clients in 22 states. Something like this could only happen in America--Christian America that is.

Dr. Avalos: There will be "No Judgment Day on May 21."

There are 21 Things You Should Know About Harold Camping.

However, the weather will be perfect for it!

Finally, from one false prophet to another: "The problem with false prophets like Harold Camping is he brings discredit on true prophets of the end times."