Debating Critics On The Outsider Test for Faith (OTF)

[Written by John W. Loftus] I have had several debates in defense of the OTF. This post will serve as the key resource for these links.

First look at The Outsider Test for Faith, along with a link embedded within that post.

In no particular order here are several debates I've had about the OTF with several people:

Chris Gadsden who obfuscates on The OTF

Cameron Bertuzzi of "Capturing Christianity" .

EricRC, a Ph.D. student in philosophy, On the Fundamental Objection to the OTF.

Dr. Matthew Flannagan.

Dr. Randal Rauser.

Dr. Steve Lovell.

Dr. Thomas Talbott.

Dr. Victor Reppert.

David Marshall.


Rev. Phillip Brown.

Steve Hays and Jason Engwer.

Paul Manata.

Is it over yet?