Answering My Critics, Two Reviews of TEC

vorjack, the managing editor of Daniel Florien's blog Unreasonable Faith, wrote a review where he said, "All told, there are fourteen strong articles here, plus Loftus’ OTF in the introduction and a brief closing from Robert Price. It’s a solid collection of essays that work well together...On balance, the book is a solid addition to the atheist library, and it makes an excellent companion to The Christian Delusion." That's cool, but I get the sense he's tired of me or something, for he also wrote: "No one has ever accused Loftus of being timid," and, "By this point Loftus can only muster a three paragraph introduction..." and, "Richard Carrier, who Loftus credits with doing the actual editing of the book..." and, "One of the advantages of these collections is always the chance to hear new voices, and that gets lost when you turn it over to the usual suspects...if Loftus et. al. wants to publish another book, it may be time to develop the field a little more and bring in some new blood."

You can read his review right here.

Well, if he's tired of me I'm not going away anytime soon, that's for sure. I consider it a compliment that I'm not timid. Who wants a timid person on the front lines of a battle anyway? And for the record, vorjack had such a poor misreading of what I said about the editing of this book that it is basically a lie. Who does my book say is the editor? That Richard helped edit it says nothing about my own work on the book, and it was massive. The fact that I thank people who help me is merely indicative of my being gracious with the people who help. Also, he should try editing a book to see who he can get to write chapters for him. Hint: You cannot get just anyone you want. Besides, I see no reason to think anyone could do a better job as the authors I got.

Kevin Brown of Diglotting is also in the process of writing a review of TEC from a liberal perspective that judges whether it lives up to it's title. Calling for an end of Christianity is not the same thing as thinking this book will end Christianity, get it Kevin? And once again the liberals are saying things like "that's not my kind of Christianity" when I target evangelicalism. Just once I'd like a liberal to judge it based on it's intent. I did say in the Introduction that my focus was on evangelicalism. Did you read that Kevin? Still, you will find him agreeing with the chapters quite a bit, so enjoy.