Biblioblogger Jim (Unaccredited) West's Proposal for Dealing with Heretics

My ‘modest proposal’ for dealing with heretics: public drownings in the summer (so the spray cools us) and burnings in the winter (so we can warm ourselves on the boiling blistering flesh of the godless). Link
He claims this is humor, tongue-in-cheek, but this isn't funny. The church really did this to people like me. And it's utterly ignorant since yesterday's heresy is today's orthodoxy. What if he joked about lynching blacks? Is that a laughing matter? If civility is a new criteria for inclusion as a Biblioblogger then I demand an apology to atheists, or kick Jim West off the Biblioblogger list. And I see no reason for him not to be fired from being a Professor of Biblical Studies at Quartz Hill School of Theology. Am I overreacting? I think not. This is hate speech.