What a Good Christian Apologetics Program Should Include

Over at Apologetics 315 is a listing of some Christian colleges that offer degrees in Christian Apologetics. If we add the ones mentioned in the comments, here they are:

Biola University
Southern Evangelical Seminary
Liberty University
Trinity Evangelical Divinity School
Columbia Evangelical Seminary.
Covenant Theological Seminary
Denver Seminary
Bethel Seminary, St Paul
The Oxford Center for Christian Apologetics at Wycliffe Hall
Luther Rice Seminary
Columbia Evangelical Seminary
Veritas Evangelical Seminary

The first two colleges I listed above know of and/or deal with my books, or so I'm told. If you're a Christian thinking about entering such a program then simply ask them if they deal with my books. Any program worth it's salt should do so.

But too often it appears Christian apologists want to ignore my works. Let me give you an example. Doug Groothuis, who teaches apologetics at Denver Seminary, has read my books. We've communicated with each other about specifics. His latest book to be published is Christian Apologetics: A Comprehensive Case for Biblical Faith. But if you do a search inside his book for my name you won't find it. Why is that? No, really, why is that?

I think Groothuis is scared to mention me or my books. That's what I think. In my books I refer to the best that my opponents have to say, and I quote from them. That's how to engage your opponents in an argument. I'm not scared to do so. I think I can refer to the best that my opponents have to say and still beat them.

It appears they don't think the same. This should tell you something. They would prefer to ignore my work. But if they really want to arm their students against the opposition they need to deal head on with it. Not doing so is to skirt their responsibility to defend their faith. Their students will eventually find my books and wonder why they were not dealt with in class. And because they were not dealt with in class a few of these students will lose their faith.

So again, if you are a Christian looking for a good apologetics program then ask if the professors deal with my books. Any program worth it's salt should do so.