Who Answers Prayers?

[Written by John Loftus] Christians claim that any prayer request granted for other believers in different religions is done by their God out of compassion, because only one God exists, theirs. The reason Christians think this, despite the fact that only prayers offered in Jesus' name are to be prayed, is because their own answered prayers have no more evidence for them as the others. So their God becomes the explanation for the answered prayers of a Muslim, or an Orthodox Jew, or a Fred Phelps, or a Roman Catholic, or a liberal Christian, or a Jehovah's Witness, or a Mormon, or a Satanist, or a Hindu. But believers in these other religions will take answered prayers as evidence that their faith is true. This means God, the Christian God, is providing confirming evidence against the truth of Christianity to other believers in false religions who will be condemned to hell. So Christian, either give up the belief that your God answers the prayers of other believers, or admit he is helping to send them to hell. And if you give up the belief that God is answering the prayers of other believers, then show us why your own answered prayers have more evidence for them than theirs.

"possibly_maybe" put it a bit differently but very effectively:
A Muslim man prays to Allah to have his cancer cured. The prayer is answered, and the Muslim man is strengthened in his faith in Allah. After all it was Allah who he was praying to, and who healed him right? And so the man, as a devout Muslim, endorses stoning of adulterers, killing of apostates and cutting limbs off of thieves...This is the issue right here. When Christians say that it is their God who answers all prayers in the world, they are basically saying that the Christian God intentionally mystifies people from other religions into believing their false religions even more (and in their faith making sins, that will never allow them to be saved). In other words, the God who answers all prayers supports the violence/sins in the name of other religions.