Who or What is a Biblioblogger, Here We Go Again Folks

If being ignored as an accomodationsist by PZ Myers (or other reasons left undetermined) isn't enough, I fear another round of debates trying to exclude me as a bibiloblogger. Didn't we already have this debate before? *Sigh*

I stand in the gap. It seems I really do. Some on the scientific atheist side think of me as an accomodationist, which is a gross misunderstanding of who I am, while the Christian side is threatened by me. Each side would rather preach to their own separate choirs. It has been my goal to reach out to Christians in ways they can understand, but I had hoped more on the atheist side would see the value I bring to the table. Oh well. I am very thankful for the overwhelming support I have received. I wish the atheists at TAM in Las Vegas this week would have a debate on how we can best change the religious landscape rather than droning on and on about Elevatorgate, but who am I?