An Evangelical Attempts to Answer My Anthology "The Christian Delusion"

[Written by John W. Loftus] Look at the accolades for the new book Biblical Christianity: Truth or Delusion? It purports to be "A Refutation of Contemporary Arguments Against the Christian Faith, with Specific Reference to the Recent Book, The Christian Delusion," by Mark M. Hanna. Reminds me what I wrote right here. I guess we just are not informed, right? If we were "better" informed then we'd believe, right? Balderdash!

Let me ask these Christian apologists why it takes so many books to defend the Christian faith? Why? And why does it take over 500 pages to do so in this book? Must one even be literate in order to believe, or is it the case that one must merely be right about what one believes? My contention is that even if Christians can gerrymander around some of our obvious and powerful arguments and produce more books with more pages than skeptics can write, it means little. They are the ones ignorant and blind regardless.

The problem, in case they really care to know the truth, is that the debate is not with me or with skeptics at all. The debate is between themselves and I can prove it. Just start a blog or a forum called "True Christianity" and invite all of the important leaders of the respective Christianities around the world to participate. After doing this try to come to a consensus. Now it would still be true that a consensus or even a majority wouldn't settle the issue, since there seems to have been a consensus for about a thousand years during the Middle Ages about what "True Christianity" was about. Nonetheless, my prediction is that no consensus can exist on what true Christianity is because there are too many ways to be a Christian. And so Christianity is self-destructing before our very eyes. It is losing the debate between it's own practitioners.

The reason why this is the case is obvious to the rest of us. It's because there is no solid evidence or decisive arguments to decide between the various Christian sects. That's my point and that of skeptics. There is no solid evidence for any one of them over the others. That's why we're skeptics. Rail against us with as many books as you feel the need to do. Get some high profile people within your own sect to say nice things about your work too. But it does not change the facts. Christianity is self-destructing before our very eyes. Only adults with their eyes wide open can see it though, because the Christian faith blinds, enculturates, brainwashes and deludes people who were raised to believe as children what they learned in their respective cultures. Only children living in a proverbial cave who never really step outside the confines of their own particular church sect fail to see how obvious this is to the rest of us adults. Doubt is, after all, an adult attitude.

I guess this book honors our work though. If someone would be so kind to send it to me I'll take a look at it. If I receive more than one copy I'll distribute any extras to the authors in TCD I think might respond.