I Stand in the Gap

I am set for the express purpose of destroying the influence of evangelical Christianity in America and in the world at large. I hope atheists can appreciate this. I'm doing what I think it takes as a former evangelical insider. Whether I can do this is not the question, since I just want to be a part of what many others are doing. I embrace a multifaceted approach to accomplishing this shared goal of ours.

As a former evangelical intellectual I know what to do. I know where the theistic weaknesses are felt best. I use liberal Christian scholarship to do what I do, for liberals make the best arguments against evangelicalism, my chosen target audience (although I could choose to target liberals as a former liberal myself). Since I do, some atheists don't like that. Since I don't aim at the scholars but rather bring their arguments down to the educated people in the pews it makes me look unscholarly. Since I am not a scientist some scientifically minded people look down their noses at me. Since I don't have a PhD some people (mostly non-PhD degreed people) think I don't know what I'm talking about. Since I defend William Lane Craig from charges of being insincere, dishonest, irrational and personally evil, some atheists think I'm an accomodationist (which couldn't be further from the truth). I've answered a few other criticisms of me.

Most Christians don't like what I do, as you should know. Some of them have personally attacked me and continue doing so. I don't like this but it is what it is. I am vilified and misunderstood. It's a very tough place to stand. Sometimes I must wallow in the mire with Christian Bible thumpers. Other times I must deal with Christian scholars. Some people in the atheist community don't understand that I'm trying to reach out to Christians as best as I can. I wish they did but I can't expect them to. They demand conformity, just like any community does--a cookie cutter mentality I left for good when I left church.

I am a freethinker first and an atheist second.

But here I stand. I can do no other. ;-)


Tony said...

As a non-theist who tries to live outside theism and a-theism (as its church would have it) I also feel in the middle.

I was hoping you could point me to a post that explains the why of your mission. I'm not baiting you here, genuinely interested.